Neopets Safety Tips  

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Like all site, there are scammers and cheaters. They will try to cheat you of your valuables or your neopoints. So there are somethings you have to watch out:

1. Don't ever give out your password to anyone (on or off the Neopets site).

Neopets staff members will not ask you for your password, and we will NEVER e-mail or NeoMail you to get your password. Also, don't give anyone your Neodrive URL (because it shows your password). Watch out for fake log-in screens - some people are copying our login box and posting it on their personal web pages to trick people into entering their user names and passwords. Look at the URL - if it says anything other than, DO NOT enter your user information. If anyone does try to get you to reveal your password, please report them immediately.

The most recent scam I experience is receiving a neomail about neopet recruitment. Luckily I am sceptical about things like that and didn't response.

2. Be careful who you talk to on the web.
If somebody says something to you, sends you something, or you see something that makes you uncomfortable, don't look around or explore. Also, remember that nothing you write on the web is truly private - be careful

3. All REAL Neopets activities and games are contained within the Neopets site.
Delete e-mails, files, or web pages that you get from people you don't really know or trust. Sometimes people post links to viruses around the Internet, including on the Neopets site, saying the links lead to other Neopets stuff. (For example, they claim the link is to a NeoHelper program, Neopoints.exe, or a Scorchy Slots program.) Don't be fooled! Links like these go to nasty viruses that can seriously damage your computer. Also, beware of fake Neopets "competitions" and "trades." If they're not located within the Neopets site, then they are not endorsed by us and you are proceeding at your own risk. Don't Forget: no one needs your password to send you an item or for any other reason!

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