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When you click on "Explore", a new map appeared.

When you put your mouse cursor over an area, the name of the place will appear on the banner beside the compass thing on the right.

In this new map, you can get to some of the world directly. Like Altdor, Roo Island and Brightvale. Check it out. Lot's of new changes are going to happen in Neopia.

If you explore the map, you will find an island called Lutari Island. It's cover with fog now. Soon this will be found. Usually it means a plot. An adventure. Will update when I found out more.

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Actually the new island is a gimic to get you to buy neopets on your cell phone. It's not a plot.

4:10 AM

Aha! They made a new plot! But it's on Krawk Island. It's a ship. Click on it then click on the guy with a green scrochio next to him. Read what he has to say then click on the button that says,"Listen to the captain's story". It's defenitly the start of a cool plot. Lots of fun! Oh, and it came out the 3rd of August, 2006.

4:43 AM

3m Steel Tape Measure

9:24 AM

DIESEL Quartz Wrist Watch
It's over. You need to go to NC Mall to collect the negg before April 12.

10:31 AM

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