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In the Board, neopians will use quite a few of abbreviations in their chat. Below is a list of some of the abbreviations:

Avie/AV - Avatar

BC - Beauty Contest
BD - Battledome - Where your Neopets go to battle each other and one-player opponents
BoD - Bow of Destiny - a Powerful Battledome item

CC - Caption Contest

DBD - Dark Battle Duck - a Battledome item
DoN - Defenders of Neopia

ETS - Easy-to-sell

H4K - H4000 Helmet
HP - Hit Points
HP - Honey Potion - a powerful battle Battledome weapon
HT - Hidden Tower - secret location with rare, expensive and powerful items
HTS - Hard-to-sell

IDB - In-Depth Battlepedia - a website that has battledome guide

Kad - Kadoatie - hungry cat that when you feed it, you get a trophy. Very difficult task because lots of people are feeding it. When you have fed 75 cats, you get an avatar.
K - Thousand - refers to how many neopoints, eg: 10K = 10,000 NP

LC - Lenny Conundrum

LDD - Lost Desert Dagger

MP - Morphing Potion - a special potions which can change your Neopet's color and species
MP - Mystery Pic

Newbie - Somebody who is new
NFT - Not For Trade
n00b - Somebody who acts like a novice regardless of experience
NQ - NeoQuest
NT - Neopian Times

PB - Paintbrush - this is highly sort because it can change your pet's color and species
PPP - Petpetpet - a pet for your pet
Pwned - Somebody misspelled "owned" and now others use it.

RoDN - Rod of Dark Nova
RoDS - Return of Dr. Sloth
RSB - Ramtors Spellbook

SAP - Seasonal Attack Pea
SDB - Safety Deposit Box - where you keep all your items so that it won't be stolen by wandering ghost.
SoS - Sword of Skarsden

TAG - The Auction Genie
TCG - Trading Card Game
TNT - The Neopets Team
TP - Trading Post
TSW - The Search Wizard
TT - Thyoras Tear
TY - Thank you

Wiz - Short for "Shop Wizard"

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