Game: Over the Hedge: Turn & Burn  

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Over the Hedge: Turn & Burn

Select Play Mode: Impossible!

Level 1: Just Press Go
Level 2: D5 down
Level 3: D3 down
Level 4: F3 left
Level 5: D7 up, E6 right, G1 down

Level 6: D9 up, D6 left, C1 down
Level 7: D9 up, H9 up, F5 down, H5 left, F4 left
Level 8: B9 up
Level 9: E9 right, H2 down
Level 10: G4 up, G3 left

Level 11: F2 right, H9 up, A5 right
Level 12: C9 right
Level 13: F4 down, H8 left, A8 down
Level 14: D3 right
Level 15: B5 right

Level 16: A2 right, G2 up
Level 17: B4 up, F1 down,
Level 18: I4 left, E3 down
Level 19: I3 left, D8 up
Level 20: A6 right, E6 up, C3 right
Level 21:E1 down

1000np per play
3000np per day

This game has been taken off the sponsor list on July 1, 2006. You cannot play this game anymore.

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