How to train your pet?  

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The ways to train you pet:

1. Mystery Island Training School
The Training School is sort of a ninja/karate school that is located on Mystery Island. This school will only teach your pets until they are level 250. After that there is another school - the secret ninja traing school.

There are four types of courses. Basic courses are easy, they don't take long to complete, and can only be done by Neopets of level 20 and under.

The courses are:
Endurance or your HP

Advanced and Master courses take longer to complete and are for higher level pets. The most experienced Neopets take Grand Master courses.

Take a Course

To take a course, please select a pet and the type of course to be trained. The cost will be selected for you. So you go to buy the codestones and come back to pay for the course.

click start course

Click on "pay"

Then come back in 4 hours to retrieve your pet.

Training Note:
Here at the Mystery Island Training School, you may train your endurance to three times your level. However, if you wish to train any of the other attributes, you will need to train your level back up to within half of your endurance.

Example: If your pet is level 33 and endurance 62, and you wish to train in strength, you can only train it's strength till 31. (62 / 2 = 31).

2. Secret Ninja Training School
The Secret Ninja Training School is the school for those pets who have surpassed the 250 level. It's location is a secret but it still can be found. You can only go to it if your level is in 250 so start training. In this school you also pay with codestones but with the red ones.

3. Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy
Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy has the same concept that the Mystery Island Training School but you pay with dubloons, It is on Krawk Island.

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