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When you explore around the neopet site, you may get a quest from a faerie. This is usually random events. Something like the "Something has happened". It will just suddenly pop up on the screen.

When you found the items, you tell the faerie that you have the item and you will be rewarded.

note: That quest cost me 3200np. Worth it? To me yes because if I were to send it to the training school, it will cost me 2 codestones which cost more than 3k and you need to wait for 4 hours.

You can choose to do the quest or reject it. To accept or reject go here to do so. If you choose to reject, you will not be given another quest for 600 minutes. But then it's random. So who knows when you will get another tasks. It's has been weeks since I got a quest. But yesterday, I got 2 quests back to back from earth faerie. The useless quests. .

Before I go on, I will talk a little about faerie. So what exactly is faerie? According to the Neopedia:

Faeries are tiny magical creatures that live in Neopia. Meeting one is said to be very lucky indeed, as they can bless your pets with all sorts of powers and abilities. A pet must be strong enough to control the faeries spells though, so if your pet is inexperienced then the faerie may just fly away. There are many different types of faeries with differring powers, abilities and temperaments.

So what is a quest?
A quest is actually a task that the faerie ask you to do. There will be rewards after you complete the task.

The following faeries' quest has no time limit.

Air Faerie
The Air Faeries are magical, joyous little creatures who love to dance on the wind. Meet one and it will bless your pet with abilities from the sphere of air - powers such as invisibility, haste or flight.

Ask For: Grooming Item
Rewards: +1 Movement Point
Recommedation: No. Movement points do nothing in battle and it would be wasting NP.

Earth Faerie
The Earth Faeries live in the forests of Neopia, making their homes between the branches of the tallest trees. They love to collect and store items, and try and hide themselves from the creatures far, far below. They can grant powers such as toughened skin, the ability to magically create food or burrow into the ground.

Ask For: Magic Items like healing potions
Rewards: Heal your pet and make them not hungry
Recommendation: Worth it? Some say "No". Not unless the item is under 100np or you have extra in your SDB.

Fire Faerie
Fire Faeries are mischievous urchins that inhabit the hotter realms of Neopia. They love nothing better than playing tricks and causing havoc wherever they go. If you want a strong creature in combat then visit these Faeries, as they can grant many battle magics.

Ask For: Clothing
Rewards: +1 Strength Point
Recommedation: Yes because most clothing are cheap.

Water Faerie
Swimming in the rivers and streams, unseen by most, are the Water Faeries. They can be heard singing quietly at night, but only if they aren't aware that you are near. They specialise in healing and defensive powers that will protect your pet from harm.

Ask For: Books
Rewards: +1 Defense Point
Recommedation: It depends on the price of the book. Some said that if it's under 4000np, it's worth it to do the quest.

Light Faerie
Living on clouds on the upper levels of Neopia are the radiant Light Faeries. Devoted to the cause of good, they will rarely stray deep down to the lower levels. If a creature is noble and bold of heart, these magical sprites can grant him or her holy powers such as bless and restore.

Ask For: Trading Card
Rewards: +1 Level
Recommedation: Again it depends on the card she asks for. If it's under 4000np, that it's worth it.

Dark Faerie
And lastly, the Dark Faeries, minions of the evil one himself. Lying in wait to tempt those weak of heart, the power granted by these evil imps is great, but at a price. These evil Faerie abilities include creating darkness, draining life and vision at night.

Ask For: Toys
Rewards: +1 Hit Point
Recommedation: Do it because most of the toys she asked for are under 1000np.

Fyora aka the Faerie Queen spends most of her time in her enormous castle in Faerieland. From here she rules over all the other faeries and keeps the Hidden Tower stocked with incredible rare items.

Ask For: Random
Rewards: Random stat boosts
Recommedation: Definately because she will gives multiple statistic boosts. Plus it doesn't happen very often.

Fountain Faerie
She is found in Faerieland Rainbow Fountain, an eternal waterfall of magical Faerieland water!

Ask For: Usually Expensive Items
Rewards: You get to enter the Rainbow Fountain where you can choose to paint one of your pets ANY color.
Recommedation: Definately. I painted my bruce to disco when I did her task. It cost me only 90,000np. Definately cheaper than buying a paintbrush. Check out your pet's color and what you want to paint your pet. Then check the price of the paintbrush. If it's cheaper than the item she asked her, don't do it.

Space Faerie
Living amongst the stars, the Space Faerie rarely visits Neopia. She will only do so in case of an utmost emergency!

Ask For: Random
Rewards: +4 Levels
Recommedation: If it is under 15,000NP, go for it.

Timed Quests:
You have to complete these quests within an allocated time. They usually give you 16 minute time limits to complete the task. You can do them once every 12 hours. However, if you feel that it's not worth the neopoints to do the task, you can reject. Just come back in 12 hours to check for the next task.

Snow Faerie (Taelia)
Ask For: Random (Usually candy)
Rewards: Random (usually snow items, NP, and other items)
Recommedation: If it is under 2000NP or so, yes.

And you will get an avatar when you complete her quest.

Ask For: Random
Rewards: Different Prize Every Three Levels
Recommedation: Yes. As the level gets higher, the prizes gets better. You get an avatar when you complete Level 20!

I have stop doing this quest because I have a few friends who did all the way to level 35 and it ask for an unbuyable. Thus, they have to start all over again because they want the Honey Potion.

If you do her quest on her day, you will get another avatar.

Ask For: Random
Rewards: Different Prize Every Three Levels
Recommedation: Yes. As the level gets higher, the prizes gets better. You get an avatar when you complete Level 20!

If you do her quest on her day, you will get another avatar.

The Esophagor
Ask For: Spooky Food
Rewards: Random/Brain Tree answers
Recommedation: if you want to do the brain tree quest, yes.

Brain Tree
Ask For: Place and time of death for certain people. (Get from Esophagor)
Rewards: Random
Recommedation: Depend. Sometimes you get items that is only given out by him. And you must complete 2 Esophagor quests to get the answers for the brain tree quest.

Ask For: Random
Rewards: Spooky Foods and a few hundred NP
Recommedation: Not really but I want the avatar. So no choie, I had to do it.

The Kitchen Chef
Ask For: Random
Rewards: Stats, items, and NP
Recommedation: Sometimes. So my all the items he has given me for completing the task cost less than what I spend.

How do I complete Quests?

When you are on a quest you will be asked for a certain item, piece of information or group of items. Once you have what you were asked for, simply go back to the person that gave you the quest and give them what they want.

Faerie Quests - Just go back to the quests page with the item in your inventory. If it is in your Safety Deposit Box it won't work.

Brain Tree Quests - Go back to the Brain Tree and type in your answer.

Edna the Witch or Esophagor Quests - Go back to the Haunted Woods and click on Edna or the Esophagor. As long as you have the correct items in your inventory, they will take them from you. If the items are in your Safety Deposit Box you will have to take them out first.

Kitchen Quests - Return to the Island Kitchen with the items in your inventory.

Other Faeries that doesn't give quest:

The Negg Faerie
This elusive little character resides deep within the Neggery. It is a very chilly place in the ice caves, but if you make the trek to visit her you may be well rewarded :) Neggs are very pricy rewards that she gives out randomly.

The Tooth Faerie
The Tooth Faerie is a unique type of Faerie. She spends her days whizzing around Neopia giving people Neopoints when they lose their teeth. Randomly she will gives you an avatar too.

The Soup Faerie
The Soup Faerie is a kind and gentle soul. Unlike the other Faeries, she cares very little for her own appearance, preferring to spend her time helping the starving pets of Neopia. Any pet she comes across who is malnourished will be given free food and a warm bed until they are ready to brave the world. However, she will only feed poor pets. So if your total fortune is more than 2000np, sorry to say this, she won't feed you.

The Battle Faerie
In olden times of war this magical creature was said to help inexperienced pets learn to defend themselves and on rare occasions teach the strongest ones a lesson they would never forget.

Jhuidah the Island Faerie
Jhuidah watches over the Island Cooking Pot. Sometimes she adds a dash of magic to your recipes to help you create something extremely rare and unusual.

The Grey Faerie
A poor miserable creature that has lost her magical powers and can't even fly. So far we have only heard of one although there may be many more hiding around Neopia.

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