2a - Neoquest I - Jungle Ruins  

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Now that you are done with Dank Cave and defeated your first boss, you are ready to head over to the Jungle Ruins to continue with your next adventure.

The Jungle Ruins is a place with more bosses. There are 2 mini bosses - Kreai, and Gors and the boss, Rollay. The skills point you earned while gaining level should all be spend on your shock magic. Bring all your shock magic to level 5.

Head over to Jungle Ruins. (South-East of the City). Hunt around and enter the Jungle. Use the Map. You will go through the Grarrl Peninsula, Grarrl Jungle and finally saw a Palace.

Remember you have to collect a few things to make a better weapons. Get these:
Jungle Pauldrons
Claw of a Jungle Beast
Tooth of a Noi
The Staff of Ni-tas

The monsters you will meet here are:


Angry Buzz

Jungle Zafara

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