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Going to take a short break from the Neoquest and do a game which will help you to get a trophy.

This game Cheat is one of the easiest game to get a trophy. When you win in the 3rd, 5th or 7th rounds, you also earn a trophy! Bronze, Silver and Gold respectively.

50np to play a game


How to play the game:

Select the card you want to play by clicking on the card (eg K). In the drop down slot, you can cheat by saying it's 4 or click on K. I find that it's better to be truthful. That way you won't accummulate more cards. If some one caught you cheating, you will get all the cards on the table. the purpose of the game is to get rid of all the cards. Not accumulating. If you have 2 or more cards of K, you can click on all the K's card and try to discard it at one time. Remember, when you have discard all the cards on your hand, you will win the game.

You can also call the other players cheating. That way if they are cheating, they get all the cards on the table.

Have a go. Don't worry. After a few game, you will get the juice of it and will be a master in no time.

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