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It's recommended by lots of neopians that you only enter this cave when you reached level 5. But when I played this on the normal level, I + 2 of the recommended level. So I only entered this cave at level 7. And it makes my job defeating the monsters so much easier.

Once you reach level 5 or 6, if you hp level is low, sneak back and heal yourself at Boraxis in the city and you are ready to enter the Cave.

The entrance of the cave

Then hunt through the cave, defeat the monsters until you reach the 4th floor. The Monsters on the 4th level are difficult. So you need to have a full supply of potion. You must have at least 5 Standard Healing Potion and 20 Weak Healing Potion.

Bear this in mind. Do not leave this cave unless you have collect the following:
Glowing stone (as much as possible)
Pelt of Cave Lupe
Stretch of Rotted Cloth
Piece of Glass
Obsidian Stone
Tiney Amber Gemstone
Corroded Copper Rod
Ring of Xantan (you will get this when you defeated the Boss)

These items will help you to get the Magic Robe or the Mirrored Force Field.

The monsters you need to fight in this the Cave are:

Level 1 Monsters:

Cave Lupe

Cave Slug

Cave Imp

Level 2 Monsters:

Cave Lupe

Cave Troll
He carrys Amber, Weak and Standard Healing Potion

Cave Ghoul
He carrys Obsidian, Lodstone, Lapis and Weak and Standard Healing Potion

Broken Skeleton
He carrys Amber, Beryl, Garnet and Weak and Standard Healing Potion

Level 3 Monsters:

Broken Skeleton
Cave Troll

Burned Skeleton
He carrys beryl, Weak and Standard Healing Potion

Frozen Skeleton

Level 4 Monsters:

Burnt Skeleton

Cave Ogre
He will stun you for 1 round. He carrys garnet, Weak Healing Potion, amber

Metal Devourer
He carrys all sort of Rods, Weak and Standard Healing Potion

Skeleton Guard
You will only find these guard at xantan lair. He carrys the Smooth Glass, Stretch of Rotted Cloth, Weak and Standard Healing Potion

When you reached Level 10, you are ready to fight Xantan, the Big Boss of this Cave. However, it takes a while to go through the cave. By the time you reach Xantan who is on the 4th level, you may be in level 12-13.


Xantan the Foul roars a wordless howl of anguish as he falls, defeated. The walls begin to shake suddenly, and bits of stone and rock tumble from the ceiling, clattering on the ground all around you. A few large stones fall, nearly crushing you. The rumbling sound grows as the room shakes more and more violently. Xantan appears to be wasting away before your very eyes! His body shrivels, becoming colourless and small, and he emits a whimper just before a flash of white light blinds you momentarily. When your vision clears, Xantan is gone, and you hear a faint whisper in the distance...

"I will return..."

Xantan the Foul was carrying a Weak Healing Potion!
Xantan the Foul was carrying Xantan's Ring!

You gain 500 experience points for defeating this creature!


You gain a Skill Point!

You are awarded 325 neopoints!

You are awarded a bonus of
for defeating Xantan the Foul!

He isn't as scary as I thought. Just keep fighting him, use the healing potion when you need to and viola ... I have defeated him.

Then take the portal which will bring you back to the entrance of the cave.

Go back to the City and talk to Coras Tille.

Choras Tillie says, "Good day, patzzihii."

You say, "What do you do here?"

Choras Tillie says, "I am a master armoursmith. You may have met Morax Dorangis elsewhere in the city? He was my apprentice, but got too big for his britches and now he thinks he can strike out on his own. Good luck, I say!"

You say, "What kind of armour can you make?"

Choras Tillie says, "I can make all sorts of armour, but my two specialties are Mirrored Force Fields and Magic Robes."

You say, "Can you make me a Magic Robe?"

Choras Tillie says, "Of course I can, you silly person! You just need to bring me some items. I need the pelt of a cave lupe, and try not to cut too many holes in it. I also need a glowing stone, and a stretch of rotted cloth. And, lastly, a tiny gem, preferably made of obsidian."

You attempted to give Choras Tillie the following items:

* glowing stone
* cave lupe pelt
* tiny obsidian
* stretch of rotted cloth

Choras says, "Ah, you found all the items. Good work! Now, give me a few minutes to create the Magic Robe..." Choras sets to work, his hands a blur as he wields tools and magic with equal efficiency. The robe begins to take shape, and before long...

Choras says, "Well, here it is. You won't find better armour this side of the Summer Sea!"

Choras gave you a MAGIC ROBE!

Talk to Eleus Batrin.

You say, "I have defeated Xantan."

Eleus Batrin says, "You did it! You defeated Xantan! Remarkable... not to disparage your own abilities, but Xantan must have truly lost a great deal of power if an adventurer such as yourself can defeat him. And I see you have his ring, the focus of his power. With it I can craft some advanced magic weapons."

"Now that you've defeated Xantan, I think it might be wise for you to journey south, to the Grarrl Peninsula. There are some ancient ruins there, and not long ago an expedition went out to investigate them, but we have not heard from them in some time. Perhaps you could investigate and see what you can find?"

You say, "Can you make me a Shock Magic weapon?"

Eleus Batrin says, "Certainly I can make you a Shock Magic weapon. Specifically, a Bronze Wand. I need some special items: a tiny amber gemstone, a rod made of copper, a glowing stone, and one other item... the Ring of Xantan."

You attempted to give Eleus Batrin the following items:

* glowing stone
* tiny amber
* corroded copper rod
* Xantan's Ring

Eleus says, "You actually got the items! I can hardly believe it. Give me some time to make the wand, as it's a delicate process." Eleus wanders into the back of his shop, and you hear strange sounds emanating from it -- squeals, hums, and loud bangs. After nearly an hour, Eleus emerges again, holding a gently glowing piece of metal. "It's not very pretty, since it's just bronze," Eleus says, "but it's yours now. And here's the ring back, too; I just needed it to focus the power of the wand."

Eleus gave you a BRONZE WAND!
Eleus gave you back Xantan's Ring

And you are done for this phase of the quest.

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