2b - Neoquest I - Jungle Ruins - Krei  

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Entrance of Jungle Ruins

Once you entered the Jungle Ruins, turn right and go down to Dungeon Level 1.

Stairs going down to Dungeon Level 1

Once you reached Dungeon Level 1, do not go down the stairs directly opposite the stairs. (The one on the left is where you entered from. The one on the right is the one that will bring you down to level 2) Instead, go right and continue on through a narrow passage way (use the map)and which will lead you to the Garden.

The monsters you will encounters are:


Jungle Beast
A Jungle beast carry a Jungle Beast Claw but then this beast is really painful. He is strong.

Carry Weak/Standard Healing Potion, Shamanistic Totem. Try not to fight the shaman too often because they can heal themselves. As much as 17hp.

Carry Weak/Standard Healing Potion, Scorpion Carapace

Killer Buzz
Carry Buzz Wing

Greater Shanman
Carry Weak/Standard Healing Potion, Wooden Shieldter. Be careful with him. He can do 20 hp damages (in evil).

Huge Skeith
Carry Weak/Standard Healing Potion, Skeith Fang!

Armored Scorpion

Carry Noil's Mane, Noil's Tooth, a Weak/Standard Healing Potion

Giant Wadjet
Carry Weak/Standard Healing Potion, Wadjet Skin

You have to find and defeat Kreai in Dungeon Level 1. He is really easy to fight. No biggy.

Kreai falls to the ground, gasping for air. "I... cannot... cannot be... defeated..." He coughs and looks up at you. "I... I suppose we were foolish... to think we could live forever here... but the others... The others will not be so easily overcome. Gors... knows you are here..." With that, he slumps to the ground and is silent.

Kreai was carrying rotting wooden key!

You gain 700 experience points for defeating this creature


You gain a Skill Point!

You are awarded 400 neopoints!

You are awarded a bonus of
for defeating Kreai!

Okay, now that you have taken care of Kreai, go through the teleporter to get to Gors, the next boss.

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