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Continuing from Kreai's Battle.

Now that you have defeated Krei, your next boss to defeat is Gors. He is a bit tougher. So you will need to train till you are around level 22.

Take the teleporter from Krei's den and it will bring you to the Enterance of Level 1. Now go down to Dungeon Level 2.

Tips: If you find that you are using too many of the potion to heal because the monsters are still too tough for you to handle, go back to level 1 and fight the Jungle Beast. It's much easier to defeat now and it's very generous with weak and standard healing potion. Level up 1 or 2 level from there and go back down to dungeon level 2.

If you look at the map, on Level 2, there are lots of teleporter. You have to go through the teleporter maze to find Gors.

To get to Gor, you have to take Teleporter according to this sequence to get to Gors' Garden. 3-2-1-G.

The monsters here are:

Armored Scorpion

Huge Skeith


Jungle Nnight

pygmy warrior

Pygmy Chief

Jungle Lord
A jungle lord was carrying jungle gauntlet, jungle breastplate. He can do 21hp damage.

A giant wadjet

Once you reached Gors' Garden, you will meet these Monsters:

Skeletal Shaman
He can freeze you 2 rounds.

Pygmy Elders

Jungle Death Knight

Skeletal Guardian

Jungle Battle Lord

Once you have hit Level 22 or 23, almost full HP and quite a number of healing potion, go fight Gors.

You defeated Gors the Mighty!

Gors the Mighty swings madly at you with his staff, but at the last falls to the ground. He struggles to his feet. "I am impressed," Gors says. "None have ever bested me in combat before. Though it pains me to admit it, you are a better figher than I. Perhaps you will stand up to Rollay after all... when you meet him." With that, Gors stumbles off into the darkness.

Gors the Mighty was carrying silvered horn key!
Gors the Mighty was carrying the Staff of Ni-tas!

You gain 850 experience points for defeating this creature!

You are awarded a bonus of
for defeating Gors the Mighty!

Once Gors is defeated, you should have collected all of the following:
1. Jungle Pauldrons
2. Cloaw of a Jungle Beast
3. Tooth of a Noil
4. The Staff of Ni-tas

Now, go through the telporter, up the stairs, up the other stairs to get to Denethir to get your second weapon upgrade.

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