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One of the way to make more np is through setting up a shop.

How do I Create a Shop?

1. First click on the SHOP icon on the bar (2nd one from left).
2. Click on Create/Edit a Shop

It cost 150np to open a new shop - size 1 and holds 5 items. Subsequently when you upgrade, the cost will increase and your space are increase by 5 more items.

Click on the bottom button to Create or Upgrade.

3. You have to fill in some information for your shop:
Shop Name
Which World you want it situated
Shop Description
Choose a Shop Keeper Picture which is available in the drop down menu
Name Shop Owner
Decide on a Greeting
If you checked the "Transparent" checkbox, it means you don't want a white box around your icon when you have a non-white background.

Click on Update Shop.

You can see how your shop looks like by clicking on "Shop Front".

What should I sell?

Decide what you would like to sell. Before you start, 1 would suggest that you go through the Neopian world and check what the Neopia's shops are selling. Check the price with the wizard and find out what's the price players are selling. Some of the items in the Neopia's Shop cost more than what it cost at wizard. So get familiar with the items.

From my experience, books are good items to sell. Buy from the Shop and resell it at your own shop. Don't buy from the wizard to resell. You won't make much np from it that way.

Plus, you can haggle with the Shop Owner. Unlike the private shop (those shops that you found at the Wizard). Say if the price is shown as 2000. What we do is half it. Offer 1000np. He will tell you some reason. And wait for him to offer. Half off his offer price. Soon you will meet half way and he will accept your offer. However, if it's items like books, try not to do that. You may not get too many items. I usually drop the shopkeeper's price by 100np. That way I can be very sure I will get the books. Because the book are very popular. So you try not to haggle too much.

How to put the items into the shop?

you can choose to put them in individually by clicking on the item which will prompt you what to do. Just click on "put in my shop".

Or you could go to "Quick Stock" and click all those items under the "stock" category. It will sent it to your shop.

Note: When you double click on the items on the quick stock list, it will deactivate the instruction.

Check your Shop Till and Shop History
When someone bought things from your shop, the neopoints they pay will automatically goes into your SHOP TILL. The neopoints will stay there until you withdraw it.

Everytime someone bought something from your, it will be recorded in your "SALES HISTORY". You can click on it and find out who bought what from you. However, only those that is value 1000np and above will be recorded.

When someone comes into your store and buys something, they will pay the price you set for the item. The Neopoints will automatically go into your Shop Till. The Neopoints will remain there until you go to your Till and Withdraw part or all of your earned Neopoints. Try to clear your sales history as often as possible.

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