Game: 7-Eleven: Turn & Turn - 3000np  

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7-Eleven: Turn & Run

Select game mode: Mommy!

2)D5 Down
3)D3 Down
4)F5 Right, F3 Left
5)D7 Up, G1 Down

6)D9 Up, D6 Left, C1 Down
7)D9 Up, H9 Up, H5 Left, F5 Down, F4 Left
8)B9 Up
9)H2 Down, E9 Right
10)G9 Up, G3 Left

11)F2 Right, H9 Up, B4 Right
12)C9 Right
13)F4 Down, A8 Down, H8 Left
14)D3 Right, D5 Up
15)B5 Right

16)A2 Right, G2 Up
17)B6 Up
18)I4 Left, E3 Down (by this level, you should have 1005 points. That should earn you 1000np. I usually stop playing by this level)

19)C9 Up, C3 Left
20)A6 Right, E6 Up
21)E1 Down

1000np per play
3000np per day

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