Game: Trix: Turn & Burn - 3000np  

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Trix: Turn & Burn

Select Play Mode: Impossible!

Level 1: Go (no arrows needed)
Level 2: D5 Down
Level 3: C3 Down
Level 4: F3 Left, F5 Right
Level 5: D7 Up, G1 Down

Level 6: B9 Up, B6 Left, C1 Down
Level 7: D9 Up, F4 Left
Level 8: B9 Up
Level 9: E9 Right, F9 Up, H1 Down
Level 10: G9 Up, G3 Left

Level 11: C5 Right, H5 Up, H9 Up
Level 12: F9 Right
Level 13: G4 Up, G5 Down
Level 14: D5 Up, D3 Right
Level 15: B5 Right

Level 16: A2 Right, G2 Up
Level 17: B7 Up
Level 18: I4 Left, E3 Down (by this level, you should have 1005 points. That should earn you 1000np. I usually stop playing by this level)
Level 19: C9 Up, C3 Left
Level 20: A6 Right, E6 Up
Level 21: E1 Down

1000np per play
3000np per day

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