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There are things that every neopians will do daily. You will be able to collect food or free items or interest. Below are the list of what you need to do.

1. Collect your interest at the Bank.

Do this at the beginning of each Neopet day. A new day starts at 12 midnight NST (Neopet Standard Times) which is 3pm in Singapore or Malaysia . Do not make deposit or withdrawal during this time until you have collected your interest or else your interest for the day will be gone.

2. Vist Shop of Offers You can collect either 50np or 100np daily.

3. Play Tombola.

4. Play Fruit Machine.

5. Collect your Omelete: Each omelete can feed your pet three times.

6. Collect your Jellies: You can feed your pet these jelly. Each jelly will feed your pet twice.

7. Visit the Geraptiku: Deserted Tomb: Randomly you will get an avatar when you collected the big prize. Sadly, I still haven't got this avatar yet.

8. Collect free items from Council Chamber. However, You will only be able to visit the King, if you have completed the Altador Plot which is still playable now. Why not give it a try.

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