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Can you draw a picture of your Neopet looking great? Well then the Beauty Contest is the place for you! Win prizes and trophies every single week by submitting a GIF or JPG image of your Neopet.

How to Enter?
Draw a picture of your Neopet looking its best. You can download one of your pet's images from the site and alter it or start from scratch. Please make sure its your original work and not a copy of somebody else's picture.

Step 1: Decide which pet you want to enter.
Step 2: Draw your neopet!
Step 3: Submit your contestant!
The contest is weekly, and a new one starts every Friday 4:15 NST.

You need to send in a picture of your pet looking its most handsome or pretty along with a brief speech from your pet. Just click on Enter your Pet from the main Beauty Contest page

Step 4: Advertise! You have to try to get as many people to vote for you as possible.
You can do so at the Beauty Contest Board.

1. Do NOT participate in vote trades because this is considered cheating AND you may be disqualified and/or frozen.
2. Don't try to spam (meaning creating many topic to gain attention).
3. Avoid posting the same short message like “Vote for me xcxx! (link)”on all the thread in the Beauty Contest forum. They consider this as n00bish behavior and it can also get you reported for spamming.
4. Don't neomail stranger to vote for you. They can report you.

What size should it be?
The best size is around 150 by 150 pixels (this is the same as most of the pictures on the site). Most paint programs have the option to resize your working area. Try looking under the "View" or "Image" tabs on the toolbar. If you can't find it there then try searching the programs Help file for the word RESIZE. To make it easier for people to browse the pets, please make sure that the images you create are less than 17 kilobytes.

What shall I save it as?
The Neopian Beauty Contest currently works with .JPG and .GIF images. They currently do not accept .bmp, .png, or any type of files except .gif and .jpg images.

Alternatively, you can draw your pet, scan it, resize it and sent it.

Overall Winners!
First Prize - 20,000 NP + one rare item
Second Prize - 10,000 NP + one rare item
Third Prize - 5,000 NP + one rare item

Species Winners!
First Prize - 10,000 NP
Second Prize - 5,000 NP
Third Prize - 2,500 NP


All contestants must submit their own work and it must be Neopets related. You may not enter anyone elses work with or without their permission. If you do, your entry will be disqualified.

You may not sell your artwork for Neopoints or any other form of compensation.

Buying votes with offers of free items is not allowed, as it is unfair to those that don't have items to give away!

If your entry is dissallowed, you will receive a neomail from contest_judge and can enter again after the problem has been taken care of.

If you win first place your entry in the upcoming contest will be deleted to give someone else a chance.

How to Draw?
You can go to the How to Draw Page and select your pet species and it will teach you how to draw.

Have fun and good luck.

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