Neoquest I - In the Beginning  

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What is Neoquest?
NeoQuest is an adventure game that takes you through the world of Neopia. You play the role of a Lupe.

This is you

The objective of the game is to go through the different cities, killed the villians who have taken over the cities and claim victory.

Chose which pet you want to play the game. (All of your pet can have their own games - separately. But remember to select the pet as active before going into the game)

Exploring the World

You move by using the 8 directional arrows to the right of the map. Sometimes you will encounter caves, ruins, and other places that you can enter. When this happens, you will see a "Go!" link appear above the directional arrows. I would suggest that you get the maps of this neoquest, print it out and use it as refence. You can get the map from HERE. All the map for this quest are in here. It will definately help you to find your way.

Levels and Experience
You start the game with level 1. As you defeat monsters, you will gain experience points (XP). After you gain enough xp, you will gain a level. The maximum level is 50. Depending on your level and your opponent's level, different xp will be awarded when you defeat them. You will find out when you start playing the game.

As you roam/move around, you will randomly encounter monsters. When you are fighting a monster, you can choose to use your regular attack, use one of your extra skills, use a healing potion, flee from the monster (if you do not want to fight), or do nothing at all. Once the monster's health drops to zero, you have defeated it and you will gain xp and sometimes healing potion orr whatever the monster is carrying. However, if the monster is weaker than you, you will not be awarded the xp when you defeated it, but you wills till get the item that it is carrying.

Normal - average chances of meeting monster
Hunting - high chances of meeting monster. You would want to play in this mode because you would want to gain experience and collect items.
Sneaking - low chances of meeting monster

You may change your movement type whenever you are not in battle, by clicking on the movement type above the map.

Try not to get your health point (hp) too low. If you are defeated, you have to start all over again.

How to Play?

Go to Game --> Puzzle--> Neoquest

It will bring you to the CHARACTER CREATION page:

Step 1: Choose the skill
It's recommended that you choose 1 point in all the Shcck Skills and 1 in Life Weapons, 1 in Field Medic and 1 in Lifesteal.

Click accept and then it will bring you to the page to -->

Step 2: Choose a starting weapon
You now get to choose one basic weapon.
You should pick whichever weapon best fits the skills you chose.

Click on one weapon to choose it. (You can change your mind later.)

Red Wand (type: Fire) dmg: 3
Blue Wand (type: Ice) dmg: 3
Yellow Wand (type: Shock) dmg: 3
Black Wand (type: Spectral) dmg: 3
White Wand (type: Life) dmg: 3

It doesn't matter which wand you choose because they are the same. I choose black because that's my favorite color.

Step 3: Confirm choices

You have chosen the following skills:
Shock Magic - Shock Weapons: 1
Shock Magic - Disable: 1
Shock Magic - Fortitude: 1
Shock Magic - Shockwave: 1
Life Magic - Life Weapons: 1
Life Magic - Field Medic: 1
Life Magic - Lifesteal: 1

You have chosen the following weapon:
Black Wand (type: Spectral) dmg: 3.

Click here to accept your choices.
Click here to start over completely.

Click to accept and it will bring you to the this page with this message:

You're done. Now you can play the game! Click here to start!

Click to start and you are ready to go and have your adventure.

The Adventure:
1. The Dank Cave
2. Jungle Ruims
3. Temple of Roo
4. Techo Cave
5. Zombie World, The Two Rings

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