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What do Neggs do?
Neggs are special foods that you can either feed to your pet or exchange at the Neggery for tokens which will allow you to buy magical neggs. The Neggery is run by the Negg Faerie, and as she says, "Just bring me your ordinary, boring neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!! " The Neggery Neggs will not only feed your pet, they will grant your pet special abilities.

What are Negg Tokens?

Negg Tokens are what you get from the Neggery when you give the Negg Faerie a Negg. She collects Neggs and gives you Negg Tokens in return. She also sells Neggs in exchange for Negg Tokens. Once you have collected enough Negg Tokens, you can trade them in for a VERY RARE Negg (such as a Cool Negg).

How do I use Negg Tokens?

Just go to the Neggery and click on the text 'To see what I have to sell, click here!'. You will now see everything the Negg Faerie has for sale. You can trade in your Negg Tokens for VERY RARE Neggs such as Cool Neggs and Sneggs.

Where and what is the Neggery?

The Neggery is located in the Ice Caves. It is run by the Negg Faerie who will reward you handsomely for bringing her rare and wonderful Neggs. For each Negg you bring to her you will receive a number of Negg tokens depending on the rarity and cost of the Negg. These tokens can be exchanged for cool prizes from the Faerie.

The different type of neggs available.

Below is a list of all the special Neggery Neggs.

Bang Bang Negg - You can only buy this at the neggery and it gives you gives you snowballs.

Basic Power Negg - It will increases one of your pets stats

Blue Furry Negg - It will heal your pet 5 hit points

Cackling Negg - Your pet receives Shadow Health

Christmas Tree Negg - It will heal your pet 20 hit points!

Cool Negg -It will increase your pet's stats: +1 Level, 2-4 HP, 2-4 Mov and 2-4 Strength.

Confusonegg - Your pet gains Psychic Powers and the ability to confuse enemies. During battle.

Cracked Negg - During battle, your pet gets +3 in damage or +3 HP or random full healing

Crystal Negg - It will heal your pet 8 hit points!

Evil Negg - A battledome item

Faerie Queen Negg - It will increases your pet's HP by 1 point.

Ferocious Negg - It will gives your pet a virus

Fireball Negg - Throw this Negg at a Battledome opponent and it will burst in to a great ball of fire

Genius Negg - It will increase your pet intelligence

Glamour Negg - It will makes your pet happier but decrease their intelligence

Happiness Negg - It will make your pet happy. Well, it’s will be cheaper to let your pet play a toy. That will make them happy too.

Icestorm Negg - Battledome item. It will cause a storm of ice to pelt your opponent

Kaleideonegg - It will randomly changes your pet's stats

Plaid Negg - It will advance your pet a level in an ability

Power Negg - It will increase your pet strength.

Radioactive Negg - It will randomly increase the level of your pet's ability.

Rainwater Negg - It will creates a shield of water and steam for your pet to use in the Battledome.

Silver Knight Negg - It will Increases your pet's defence by one point.

Smiley Negg -It just makes your pet happier.

Snegg - It will grant your pet super powers! It will increase your pet's stats: 1-2 Mov and 1-2 Strength.

Spiked Negg - It will increases your pet's HP by 4.

Spinning Negg - It’s a Battledome Item. It will give your pet the Air Shield ability

Super Negg - It will increase your pet's stats: +1 Level, 1-3 HP, 1-3 Mov .

Sweet Heart Negg - It has a sweet treat inside. So it makes a good gift.

Vortex Negg - It changes your pet into one of the 4 solid colors.

The most common neggs given out (for myself) during random events are:
Purple Negg
Super Icy Negg
Icy Negg
Melted Chocolate Negg

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