Daily Dare 2009  

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This year, Daily Dare will begin at 12:00:00 AM Neopian Standard Time Monday, March 2nd, 2009 and end at 12:00:00 AM Neopian Standard Time Wednesday, April 1st, 2009.

The Rules:

To make your selection, click the link under the picture of either AAA or Abigail. If a Double Dare challenge is available, click the Double Dare button at the top left corner of the page to take it. Once your score has topped or matches that of your selected challenger (if you have taken the Double Dare challenge, you must beat or match AAA's score), send your score and come back to the Daily Dare page to collect your prize!

Even if you decide to take on AAA's score and come up short, you will automatically be credited for a win over Abigail if the score you send is higher than or matches hers. If that is the case, you will receive the Abigail prize for that game, unless you have taken the Double Dare challenge.

At the end of Daily Dare, true gamers will be awarded additional trophies!

Something New!!!

Double Dare:
Four of the 30 Daily Dare challenges will also be Double Dare challenges. If you accept the Double Dare challenge, you must beat or match AAA's score. Once you have chosen to take the Double Dare challenge, you cannot change your mind. However, you are free to decline the Double Dare challenge and still play Daily Dare as usual.

If you've beaten or matched AAA's score by the end of the day of the Double Dare, you'll receive both the AAA and Abigail prize for that day. If you haven't bested AAA before the end of the day, you won't receive either of the prizes for that day. Beating or matching Abigail's score in a Double Dare challenge will still make you eligible for the Uberiffic and Spifftastic trophies, even though you will not receive the Abigail prize for the day.

NC Challenge:


For the first time ever, Neopets is releasing the Daily Dare NC Challenge. It will begin at 12:00:00 AM Neopian Standard Time, Monday, March 2nd, 2009 and end at 12:00:00 AM Neopian Standard Time, Wednesday, April 1st, 2009.

The Daily Dare NC Challenge allows you to challenge Lulu, a Cybunny gamer, at 30 different games. The games are the same as those in the regular Daily Dare challenge, but the prizes you earn if you beat or match Lulu's score are different. If you successfully complete all 30 games, you will also earn an exclusive bonus NC item.

The NC Challenge can be played in addition to the regular Daily Dare and does not replace it. To participate in the NC Challenge, you must purchase a Game Ticket(s) from the NC Mall Daily Dare Shop, or receive one as a gift from another player. You must then activate the Game Ticket in your Inventory. Once you have activated a Game Ticket(s), you may select a game to play from the game menu on the NC Challenge main page.
Clicking on a game will prompt you to confirm that you would like to use your Game Ticket to "Challenge Lulu." Each game challenge requires one Game Ticket. Once you have challenged Lulu to a particular game from the game menu, you may play that game every day, as many times as you would like, until the end of the Daily Dare NC Challenge. You may send scores as many times as you would like for a selected game; however, you will only earn Neopoints on the first three scores you send for a particular game each day (whether it's played in Daily Dare or the NC Challenge).
You can practice a game as much as you would like by selecting it from the game menu on the Daily Dare main page then clicking on the game image in the center marquee -- just don't "send" your score after completing the game, unless you want it to count as one of your three scores for that day. The practice option is not available in the NC Challenge.
Note: once you have clicked "Yes" in the game confirmation window, you will not be able to change you game selection for that ticket.

Game Tickets are sold individually and in packs of 5, 10, and 30.
You can purchase as many Game Tickets as you like, but a maximum of 30 can be used for game challenges.
Non-activated Game Tickets may be placed in your Gallery or Safety Deposit Box or gifted to other users (using NC Gift Boxes).
Game Tickets will no longer be valid for game play after the Daily Dare NC Challenge has ended;
Game Tickets purchased for this year's NC Challenge cannot be used for any future NC Challenges.
Game Tickets, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

Good luck and happy gaming!

So go here and start your game.

Good Luck.

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Did you buy any tickets? How much are they?

10:58 AM

Nope, I don't buy the tickets.

8:18 PM

hey i can´t play the double dare... how can i do that????

3:15 AM

There are only 4 games that have the double dare. So will have to wait for them to announce which 4 games. Right now, don't think there is one yet.

9:16 AM

I see :) thanks :)

5:37 AM

i already missed 6 days of this year's DD, is there a chance i could still get the Spifftastic tropy?? i havnt challenged any of them yet, explain how do i get this trophy pls?

5:52 PM

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9:33 PM

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