Happy Valentine Day  

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The NC Mall is giving away a free Valentines goodie.
Visit the NC Mall and the item will show up as the first item in the New Items section.
When you see this:


Click 'Claim It'.

Then a pop-up show you the item.
Select the 'click here' to claim the item.

You must do this or else it won't show up in your inventory.


I got this in my box:


There is 2 things you have to do on Feb 14:

1. Valentine Chia Avatar


How to get:
You can get this avatar when you send a Valentine Card to a friend on Valentine's Day.

2. Valentine Side Bar


How to get:
Send A Mysterious Valentines Card


to a friend on February 14th, you AND your friend will get the Valentines Sidebar and the card WILL disappear.

When you send the card, you will get this SSH:

You have given A Mysterious Valentines Card to '********'. It's sent
anonymously, of course, so they'll never know it was from you.

So you can go find a friend who hasn't got this avatar and sidebar and split the cost of this valentine card.

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