GMC: Day 5 Challenges  

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1. Send Scores Challenge
Formidable As The Goal Of Hatching A Draik Egg

Send your score in fourty-five different qualifying Flash games.


2. Game Challenge

A Towering Achievement

Help Jimmi and Woogy bounce all the way to a score of 125 on Super Hasee Bounce.


3. Random Challenge

Set Your Sights On The Best

View the High Score list of twenty different games.

My Comments:
Somehow, we are having problem with this category again.
Will update later.

It's working now. What I did was just view the high score of the first 20 games on the list.

You can try clicking these games:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


4. Secret Game Challenge

Protect the Space Station by scoring 150 on Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars.


3. Theme Challenge

Get Up To Speed

AAA says, "You'd better be on your toes if you wanna have a shot at competing with me!"

* 250 in Crisis Courier
* 80 in Bumble Beams
* 75 in Lost in Space Fungus
* 80 in Warf Rescue Team


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dont know if this might be the complication but in dutch the random challenge says twentyfive exept for twenty... not that i could complete it.. hope you will figure it out! :)

11:43 PM

thanks. I think there was a glitch and it has been fixed.

8:07 AM

I cnt get Crisis Courier Stage 1 to load so i cant complete a challenge!

10:46 AM

Looks like your 13-14 and 19-20 links might be doubled up.

5:27 AM

Oh... Ok.. Thanks Jen.

7:34 AM

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