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In the News today. (Nov 10)

You can sign up for our sponsor's Cocoa Krispies Community Challenge. The first round of game play starts on Tuesday.

Form a team with your Neofriends or join an existing team to take part in the competition. The Community Challenge will consist of five rounds of competition in which teams try to rack up the highest scores in the Cocoa Krispies Chocolatey Milk Mine game. At the end of the five-round challenge, the winning teams will receive chocolatey prizes!

What you need to do:

- Form a team of your own or join an existing team.

- You can choose the name of your team from a drop-down menu and decide if you want it to be public or by invitation only.
- Each team will consist of one to five players. The more team members you have, the more benefits your team will receive. Each additional team member unlocks a power-up that can be used by the whole team.
- You can also change teams prior to the beginning of a round, though you will not be able to change once it has started.


- Your team's score for each challenge round will be based on the daily averages of the team's members, and only your first three sent scores will count toward the team total.

- At the end of each round, the ten teams with the highest average will be displayed and each member will get a special reward!

- Once the Community Challenge has been completed, the team with the highest average will win the Grand Prize!

Go Here and check it out.

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