Neoquest I - The Game - Ch 1  

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First thing you need to do is to select your skills.

Click on the skills that's in red. Once you click it, the "0" will change to 1.


This is how I choose mine:


Every level you gain, you will get 1 Skill Points to spend. I put all the skill points on Life Weapons until this skills reaches level 5. Then I spend the skill points on teh Shock Weapons Catergory until I reach Level 21.

So the skills at Level 21 will look like:

Life Weapon - 5
Field Medic - 1
Life Steal - 1
Shock Weapon - 5
Disable - 5
Fortitude - 5
Shockwave - 5

Note: This summary guide is for Normal mode of play. For Evil and Insane, you need to be 2-3 level higher than stated here because the monsters are more deadly.

Chapter 1:

Stay around the Neopia City. No more than 3 steps away from the city unil you reach level 3 or 4. That way, if your XP is low, you can quickly go into the city to Boraxis and heal.

At level 3-4, you can venture slightly further to collect:

Chunk of Metal or Blue Thread (From Fire and Snow Imp)
Small Yellow Gem (from Fire and Snow Imp)
glowing Stone (from Plain Aisha)

Once you have gotten these items, go back to Neopia City and visit Moraxis Dorangis to get either the Cloth Robes or the Energy Shield. It doesn't matter which one you get. No difference.

Once you are at level 5, heal at Boraxis and you are ready to go for an adventure. However, if you are low on glowing stones, fight with Plain Aisha.

Use Sneaking Mode as these monsters give out too little xp, go into the DANK CAVE where you will eventually fight with the first Boss - Xantan.

When you are in the cave, go up to Floor 4. Xantan is there. Make sure you have 5 Standard Healing Potions and 20 Weak Healing Potions and at Level 12 before start fighting with Xantan.

Once you defeated Xantan, take the teleportal behind him and get out of the cave. Go back to Neopia City:
- 1. Talk to Coras Tille. She will make armor for you.
- 2. Talk to Eleus Batrin. He will make a weapon for you. He will also talks about the ruin where you will be going next.


5 Glowing Stones
Pelt of a Cave Lupe
Stretch of Rotted Cloth (for Magic Robe)
A piece of glass (for Mirrored Force Field)
Tiny Stone of Obsidian

Amber Gemstone
Corroded Rod made of Copper
Ring of Xantan (you will get it after you defeated Xantan)

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