Neoquest I - The Basic  

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A young friend wanted to play Neoquest and find the guide from some of the experience players a bit too difficult and complicated to understand. I had done a summary of this game before. But I think it's not very clear too. So I decided to redo this again. So here's NQ1 revisited.

The Basic:

1. How do you move?

By clicking at the arrow:


2. How to equip a weapon/armor?

By going to the "View Item" and activating the "Equip" action.


Here at "Your Item" page, you can also see all your inventory.

You can heal yourself by clicking the "use" wherever your potion is.

3. How to heal?

Go to Boraxis in the Neopia City

Talk to him and he will immediately heal you.


4. How to make items?

- By going to the specific person and talk to him.
- Then give him the items.
- And viola, he will give you the items.
- Then go to your item page and equip it.

Like this:




5. Who is at Neopia City?

a. Morax Dorangis (SW)- he makes either the Energy Shields and Cloth Robes.
b. Choras Tillie (SE) - he makes the Mirrored Force Fields and Magic Robes.
c. Lummock Sendent (NE) - He sells some basic magic wands. This is where I get my Spectral Magic Wand - Black Wand.
d. Boraxis the Healer (NW) - He heals you for free.

That's all the basic. You can apply almost all this skills for the rest of the game because you need to collect items to make weapons and armor, equip and unequip, etc etc...

One more thing. The Map. I used the map created by Digifort. They have very good maps there. You need these map to get around. I emailed them to ask if I could post their map here, but I didn't get an answer from thems. It has been months. Actually I emailed them twice. Still no answer. So I don't know if I could post their map here. Most probably not. So go there and get the map. They do have good guides there too. Just a bit too long-winded and instruction not very clear-cut for me. That's why I decided to make a summary. :D

6. How to fight?

Click on "ATTACK". If you think you can't fight the monster, click "Flee".

When you have defeated the monster, click on "Click Here" to see what you can get out of that monster.

If you gain a level after you defeated a monster, you will see something like this:

Click on "Click here to return to the map". You will see the "Spend Skill Points" in red. Click on it and spend your points.

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