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I found this today at the Main Page - School Faire.


You will find :

Fun Download


This includes: Buddy Icons, MSN/Buddy Icons and Background. This isn't new. Guess they just move it here.

Feed Your Pet


This is something new.

Just click on your pet and click on the food you want to feed your pet with and click "Feed Your Pet a Special Snack" button at the bottom.


Play Games


Here you will be playing some of the School Faire Games. It's existing game that has been recategorized. The games include:

Maths Nightmare, Imperial Exam, Potato Counter, Extreme Potato Counter, Typing Terror, Kacheekers, Roodoku, Gadgadsgame, Attack of the Gummy Dice, Goparokko, Chemistry for Beginners, Kou-Jong, Kiko Match II, The Search for Princess Lunara, Kacheek Seek.

Send Greeting Cards


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