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If you are new to Neopet and want to know what to do, this is for you. Recently I got 3 Neopets books. One of these books is The Ultimate Gield Guide - Discover Neopia.


(Note: I will not be putting any link in these posts. A challenge to the newbie to find the places on you own. But if you have problem, let me know.)

Neopia Central

This is the bustling metropolis, the hub of Neopian life. It's filled with a variety of shops and many colorful citizens. It is the perfect place to find anything and everything you'll need for your adventures.

First thing you need to check is The Neopian Times. The Times is Neopia's weekly newspaper and an essential tool for any explorer. With it's exciting articles, editorials, and comics, it's the perfect way to learn about the different lands of Neopia.

The Neopian Times keeps you up-to-date on current events.

What To Know:

This is where you will find Neopian Bazaar, The Neopian Plaza, and the Marketplace. Each area has its own unique set of shops. Nearly anything you can possibly imagine is sold here!

You can opne up a bank account at the Neopian National Bank, buy stamps at the Neopian Post Office, purchase a remedy at the Neopian Pharmacy.

Where to Go:

1. Art Centre

Neopia's Art and Literature centre is located beneath the busy streets of the main town in a series of dark and ancient tunnels known as catacombs.

(No one knows how the catacombs came to exit, though it's rumored that they were once a burial place for some of Neopia's more famous historical figures like Solvang the Butter Grarrl and Thomas a Crumpet.)

Artists came here to participate in poetry and storytelling contests and art gallery. Here, you will be able to find The Neopian Times.

2. The Bookshop

PhotobucketThe bookshop is easy to spot - it's shaped like a giant book! The friendly Nimmo shopkeeper stocks all kinds of titles. Reading improves one's intelligence. The Neopian Book Award is given to those Neopians who've read the most books!

3. Freebies

a. Money Tree

PhotobucketNeopians like to leave donations beneath its leafy green branches. All of the items left here are absolutely free! Many of the items found here have been donated because they serve little purpose. But every once in a while certain wandering ghosts will leave money at the base of the tree. You have to be quite quick to scoop up such donations.

b. The Second-Hand Shoppe

You can get 2nd hand pet's customizing items. It works the same way as the money tree. Try your luck and be quick. Just click on the items you fancy and keep your finger cross that you will get it.

4. The Auction House

Photobucket Located right next to the neopian bank, the Auction House holds hundreds of auctions a day. you can bid on all kinds of items put up for auction by different Neopians. At the Wizard Shop you can only find items costing less than 99,999np. Anything items costing more than 99,999np, you will have to go to the Auction House to find the items.

5. Shops

a. Food - The Bakery, The Food Shop, Hubert's Hot Dogs, Health Food, Fresh Smoothies, Pizzaroo, The Chocolate Factory.

b. Toy - The Plushie Palace, The Toy Shop, Plushie Shop, Usuki Land,

c. Sickness - Pharmacy, Hospital

d. Neohome Shops - Fine Furniture, Gardening Supplies

e. Grooming Shops - Grooming Parlour, Unis Clothing

f. Collectable Shops - Collectable Card Shop, Post Office

g. Pet Shop - Petpet Shop, Neolodge, The Pound

h. Other - Gift Galore, Kadotery, Wishing Well, School Supplies, Music Shop, Wizard Shop

6. Battle

a. Defenders HQ
- Defender of Neopia Series 1
- Defender of Neopia Series 2

b. Weapon - Defence Magic, Battle Magic, The Magic Shop

The Magic Shop
PhotobucketThis shop is run by a wizard named Kauvara. She took over thebusiness when the old shopkeeper left under a cloud of suspicion. Rumor has it that he was selling fake items without the least bit of magic in them! Kauvara, ont he other hand, has spent years studying the art of magical brewing.

7. Avatar to Collect

a. Alien Vending Machine.


How to get the avatar:
Use a nerkmid in the Vending Machine.

Basic Golden Nerkmid~200k NP

Normal Golden Nerkmid~200k NP

Magical Golden Nerkmid~205k NP

b. Soup Faerie

Not all faeries in Neopia are friendly but the Soup Faerie is the friendlist faerie you'll ever meet. She lives in the Marketplace and spends her days minding a giant cauldron of delicious soup! From her kitchen she offeres free soup to those Neopians who are less fortunate than others. Using her magical abilities, she knows exactly how much money you're hiding (no more than 2000 np). That way she can save her soup for those who are truly in need.


How to get the Avatar:
Randomly awarded while feeding your pet at the Soup Kitchen

c. Uni Clothing


How to get the Avatar:
Groom your pet with any grooming item.

d. - The Chocolate Factory



How to get the Avatar:
Purchase any rarity 90 or higher item

e. Collectable Card Shop

- Fire Paw


How to get the Avatar:
Put the collectable card Fire Paw into your Neodeck.

- Niten Hiroru


How to get the Avatar:
View Nitren Hiroru's Neopedia entry while having the Niten Hiroru collectable card in your inventory.

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