Quiguki April Fools Avatar  

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Quiguki April Fools Avatar
This is a seasonal avatar.
Not a new avatar.
And if you haven't got it yet, this is how to get it.

How to get it:
Refreshing the New Features page after the Joke (Neobuddy beta) is removed.

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i only got 8000 points for the plot so wat tings do u tink r worth 2 exchange???

10:54 PM

Pinky, if you don't want to keep the item, and want to sell for NP, then check the wizard and see which one can be resell at higher price.

11:49 PM

buuu I can't gaet my avatar!!! :(

7:21 AM

marisa, nobody got it yet.
I think cos they haven't taken down the Joke yet.

7:38 AM

Awwwww :D thanks! :) hehehehe I hope I can get it today! :)

7:55 AM

Did anyone get the avatar....I'm a bit nervous now....

2:46 PM

of cause i want the items but is books nicer or toys??

5:58 PM

pinky, books will resell better if one day you want to sell it for np. And if you give it to your pet to read, it's good too.

7:11 PM

曣, nobody got it yet.
The people on the Avatar Board are saying maybe this year, TNT didn't release it.

7:12 PM

I didn't get it. But it's just a game and there will be next year. :P

12:17 AM

hey i just got it! 8:00 AM Eastern time April 4

8:03 PM


3:07 PM

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