April Fool's Joke - Neobuddy  

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While I was collecting my Daily Jelly, I got this message:

It said I was selected to test a new site feature - Neobuddy.

When I clicked Sign up free Beta, This is what I see, a Questionaire.

Neobuddy (Beta)

If you are reading this it's because you have been selected to be one of the few Neopets users with an opportunity to join the beta test for Neobuddy. Neobuddy is a new site feature we're trying out where users are matched up with characters with similar personalities to their own who occasionally will pop up and help guide new users through the site, while providing helpful hints and secrets to more advanced users.

The beta test is only open to select users and will only be open for a limited time.

Match Your Personality

To begin, we're going to need to match your personality to one of the available Neobuddies. To do this please answer all of the questions in this quiz so we can get started.

After I submit my answer, I was shown this:

This is my buddy: (ed, is this what you were talking about?)

Bug Eye McGee

Then when I move around neopet, I will get pop-up windows saying things like this:
(so far there is only 2)

So what do you get? Bug Eye too? If you got something different, let me know. Thnx.

And yes, I got fooled by Neopet this year. :D


It's April 2, (Singapore Time) and this Bug is still around. Here's more of what he said. He's really annoying.

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OMG I got the same exact samescores and everything

8:52 PM

i got that ting 2 but only 80%

11:03 PM

i have 95 % :S i feel bad ... xDDDD

also i has 91 % similar to Dr Sloth xDDDDD ... i want to be a loser like Dr. Sloth.... ='(

12:12 AM

I got the same character. He's mad at me now though. I got the same 2 pop-ups that you did but right now he's telling me he's glad I'm not one of his neopets. He's rather annoying.

12:46 AM

i got the same thing and it wants to leave. odd

1:03 AM

I got the same character too. And, like Jennifer, he's mad at me and I just don't know why! And I agree, he shows up too much, it's REALLY annoying! XD

1:55 AM

Oh, this is an April Fool's thing??? I fell for it hook, line and sinker. *blush*

3:20 AM

Is it an April Fool's thing? I got the bug-eyed whatsit, too, but all it does is say how awful I am.

3:53 AM

Got the smae dude, 80% kind of a stupid april fools if it is. nd by the look of the advice he gave you it must not be worth the trouble, and it probably is just a lame joke because it said a select "few users" and we all got it

6:18 AM

Hello :) I love your blog!!!! (had to get that out of my chest, haha)

I spent almost all day at college wondering what Neopets would come up with for this year, hahaha! And yeah, I guess that everyone got the same guy. He is so annoying, but it's nice joke nonetheless :)

6:38 AM

I got the same tooo!!! hahahaha He told me not to spend my money in the shops! hahahaha
I want my avatar! grrr hahaha i couln't get it! :(

7:08 AM

I think, since it's the BETA version, it's all the same character! :P o well..

7:19 AM

yap, he's angry with me too. I will post more of his nonsense talks.

And yes, he's getting annoying poping up everywhere I go. :D

7:41 AM

I actually sent user feedback telling them to ditch the personality test!

2:15 AM

good one! i just added a lot of another emo backgrounds in my blog

11:00 PM

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