Daily Dare 2008 Prizes  

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Going through the Board, I managed to gather these info:

The Ultimate Prizes:
Gold Trophy, Tyrannian Army Math Tools

The Uberiffic Prizes:
Gold Trophy, Math Slingshot

The Megasuperb Prizes:
Silver Trophy, AAA Gumball Machine

The Spifftastic Prizes:
Silver Trophy, Abigail Gumball Machine

If you didn't finish the Daily Dare, you will get

Bronze Trophy
AAA Daily Dare Badge, Abigail Daily Dare Badge

If you accept the Roothless Challenge, you will either get:

For beating the challenge:
Roothless Action Figure, How to be Roothless, Destruct-o-Match Shirt

For not beating the challenge:
I Lost to Roothless Sign, Roothless Tilt Maze Game

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It is kind of odd, like I mentioned on a previous comment, I got I Lost to Roothless Sign and Roothless Tilt Maze Game even though I declined the Roothless Challenge O_O Should I report it as a bug?

6:26 PM

maybe it's a glitch.
However, as long as you don't abuse that glitch, usually, those are yours for keep.

Just wait and see what TNT is going to do.

8:01 PM

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