Daily Dare Day #1  

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Today's game is Meepit Juice Breaker.

If you think you can more than 2,700pts, challenge AAA.

If you aren't good in this game, challenge Abigail. You only need 250pts.

Luckily I am good in this game.

If you need some help, I had made a post about this game in the last Daily Dare Game. Check it out HERE.

Good Luck.


When you had sent the score, click on "Go Back to Daily Dare".

You will see this:

Click on the prize and you should get this prize for defeating AAA:

Meepit Juice Break Background
(Wizard price at55,000np)

If you defeat Abigail, you will get this prize:

Meepit Juice Break Ice Lolly
(Wizard price at 150np)


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