Game Master Challenge: Meepit Juice Break  

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Meepit Juice Break


If a Meepit drinks Juppie Juice that is the same colour as them you get extra points (they are quite particular about what they drink). However, they will be satisfied with any colour. If a Meepit is not fed in time you will lose a life. Lose three lives and it's game over

Level 1:
Feed 5 meepits.
Try to score 500pts. If you can't, get anything in the 400pts range is fine too.

If you connect all the pipes and feed a meepit, you get a 50 bonus points. So that will give you 130pts for feeding 1 meepit.

If the meepit is red, give it red juice. Blue meepit, feed blue juice.

If possible, try to clear as many pipes as possible.

For level 1, it's just Blue, Yellow or Red.

Level 2:
Feed 5 meeptis.
Try to hit 900pts after this level.

Mixed color is introduced:
Gold - Red and Yellow

Purple - Red and Blue

Pink - Red, Yellow and Blue

Green - Blue and Yellow

Level 3:
Feed 5 Meepits
Try to get 1300-1400 pts

Level 4:
Feed 7 Meepits.
Try to get 2100-2200 pts

Level 5:
3 Meepits to feed at a time, feed 7 Meepits
Try to get 2500-2700pts

Level 6:
Feed 8 Meepits
Try to get 2900-3200pts

Level 7:
Feed 9 Meepits
Try to hit 3300pts

Level 8:
Feed 10 Meepits
You should be able to get this score:

And it will give you the avatar.

How the point system work.

1 meepit if fed the right color, gets 2 points per pipe connected.

In level 2, where there are 2 meepits that appear at the same time.

1 Red Meepit and 1 Blue Meepit.
You feed both Red Juice. You will get 3 points for all the pipes connected. 2 for the red and 1 for the blue.

2 Red Meepits fed with Red Juice, you will get 4 pts for each pipe.

Try to include as many of these as possible in your connection:

Extra 25 points

Extra 10 points

Try to avoid the rotten apple. It deducts 10 points.


Submit a score of 3500pts. This will also earn you 1000NP.

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