Valentine Day Avatar  

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Folks, you can send the greeting cards to your love one and get the avatar NOW.

Send this card .

This is the avatar you will get today when you send the greeting card. Remember, this is NOT a new avatar. It's a seasonal avatar that is only available on Valentine Day.


When you send to a friend, you should see this:


Tomorrow you can send this card:


to a neofriend and get the sidebar theme.
The cheapest at wizard is 48,000np now.

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avatar can get only today? :)

3:04 AM

Yes, Today!

6:17 PM

I got them both. ;)

10:34 PM

not fair i 1 also cannot get!!

5:00 PM

anybody know wat is key quest in neo??

6:34 PM

I sent one and it didn't give me the avatar and I didn't have it before

4:30 PM

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