Plot: The Return of Dr. Sloth - Battledome  

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Ok... I had practically given up on this plot because I can't seem to master any enthusiasm to do this plot. I haven't complicate step 2 and step 3. In fact I have been playing with my Wii. LOL.

Today I decided to take a look and it seems there is a battle going on. I could battle the 3 challengers.

So here's how I fight with these 3 challengers. Hope this will help someone.

My pet's statistic:

HP: 204 / 204
Agility : 50
Attack Strength : 127
Defence Strength : 85

Challenger 1: Garoon Elite Junior Squadron

They are easy.

I just use 2 Scarab Rings and Fierce Attack and win the battle already.

Challenger 2: Garoo Elite Strike Commanders

For this challenger, I also use 2 Scarab Rings and Fierce Attack and win the battle.

Challenger 3: Garoo Elite Specialist Riilan

1. I used Scuzzy comb and Snowglobe Staff and Berserk Attack.

I took 66hp from them. They took 45hp from me and froze me.

2. They took 39hp from me.

3. I used Scuzzy Comb and Greater Healing Scroll.

I healed and took 42hp from them. They only managed to take 9hp from me.

4. I used the Scuzzy Comb and throw them the Honey Potion.

That took care of them. They are finished. I won the battle.

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Will I be able to continue plot steps if I don't win the third monster?

3:33 PM

huh?? dun understand how do u get de challengers??

6:28 PM

Rihards, yes. Just that you won't get that much points. So will get less reward.

I didn't even complete step 2 and 3 and I can fight these challenger.

9:27 PM

Pinky, you get them automatically. Just go to the battledome and you can fight them there.

9:28 PM

Um, don't know if these help but two good guides I've found for the plot steps are here and here

5:14 AM

how comw wen i play w an opponent in battledome my hps will drop evn thgh i won??

6:26 PM

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