Plot: The Return of Dr. Sloth - Characters  

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New Characters introduced in Chapter 2.


1. Cylara and her family



While some heroes are born, others are created by circumstances that most Neopians could have never dreamed possible. Such is the case of the young Cybunny Cylara, whose family vacation at the Space Station suffered an unfortunate turn of events when Dr. Sloth appeared.

Separated from her family, Cylara encountered Gorix, a member of an underground resistance group that had been constantly preparing for this very event. Cylara and her newfound friend almost met their end at the hands of Dr. Sloth's bounty hunters, but they managed to escape to the Neopian moon of Kreludor, where an even bigger task awaited them...


2. Is this Commander Garoo?

Who is Commander Garoo?


He was the Blumaroo chief commander of Dr. Frank Sloth invading army during the enslavement of the Grundo species.

From Neopedia

Nobody knows really how Garoo ascended through the ranks of Sloth's evil army so quickly, perhaps it was his mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other Neopets that caught his master's eye. Within a matter of three years Garoo had been appointed chief commander of Sloth's impending invasion, and subsequent capture of a race of small multi-coloured aliens known as Grundos...

This mean-spirited Blumaroo has not been seen since Sloth was defeated, and the Virtupets empire crumbled, however when his master returns to power we can assure you that it will not be long before Garoo comes out of hiding...

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