Word Scramble #26  

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From The Neopet Magazine Issue #26.

Find the answers to these ten questions, unscramble the letters, and earn a special prize!

Anyone wants to try getting the answer?


1. This Hero of Altador was introduced to King Altador by Florin.

O _ _ _ _ _

2. This sister of AAA can hold her own int he Games Room, too!

_ _ _ _ O _ _

3. Twisted by an evil potion, this monstrous-looking Gelert helped save teh citizens of Neovia.

_ O _ _ _

4. Samrin, who is well-known for snatchign Petpets from the jaws of Balthazar, is a member of this Neopian species.

_ _ _ _ _ _ O

5. Garin is the swashbuckling captain of a vessel known as the Black _______.

_ _ _ _ _ _ O

6. What is Edna the Witch older than?

_ _ _ O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

7. This brave Usul helped free the Bori from their icy sleep.

O _ _ _ _ _

8. This game is King Roo's favourite pastime.

_ _ _ _ - _ - _ O _

9. This science is one of Lilian Fairweather's perferreed areas of study.

_ _ _ _ O _

10. This mutated Chia loves to devour helpless.

O _ _ _ _

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

The answers I got from above is this:


Now I just need to figure out what is the answer. Anyone know? Can you unscramble this?

p.s: I will reveal the answer for the above questions later. Give you all a chance to try to find the answer. Photobucket


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i painted my pet royal and i gave it a blue fuzzle toy but it is still sad~_~

4:52 PM

any way thks 4 all ur tips it did cheer my other pets though:)

4:53 PM

Sometimes it takes more than 10 times to cheer a pet up...depending on how sad it is...

And as for the evil blue fuzzle, if you play with it a lot, the fuzzle might scare your pet and you get an avatar! ^_^

5:56 PM

oh really!!! i goin 2 try it out!!!! may i know how many avatars u hv?? u seem 2 know alot of tings!! ^_^

6:40 PM

Just 175...a lot of ppl have more avatars than me. You can get these avatar solutions from sites dedicated to neopets =)nah you learn stuff as you go along in Neopia... ;)

7:48 PM

how long hv ur been playin neopets?? i hv been playin 4 3 years already!! n i hv 120 someting avatar:)

2:17 PM

frank sloth

12:41 AM

I typed in frank sloth and it didnt work..

5:02 AM

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6:26 PM


8:12 AM

i have the answer its "Frank Sloth"

8:50 AM

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