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pinky201100, below is all the pink petpet you can find in Neopia.

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thanks!!!! but.... r they very expensive???

4:19 PM

Some are, some are not.

Someone's selling Pink Angelpuss for 298 k pure.

Another one selling:
Pink Puppyblew, Pink Angelpuss, Pink Bearog, Pink Mallard, Pink Airax, Pink Buzzer, and Pink Nuranna for 300k EACH.

You can check the price at trading post.

4:39 PM

Just Buy the pink paintbrush and paint your petpet, its always cheaper

11:17 PM

Do you tink 1,000,000 is enough for all the pink petpets??

4:36 PM

.....& y is my pet feelin miserable when it is bloated and not sick??

4:48 PM

You should play with your pet...that'll cheer him/her up...hope that helped! =)

6:17 PM

I think youll need to have more neopoints, because are too much, maybe buying the PBs then, trying to find the pets, you ll need more than 5 millons.

By the way, If Kreai went to the fountain and choose "find petpets by colors" myebe thats arent all, because, some times, there are petpets who doesnt appear there because they are strange

6:17 AM

i played with my pet brought it 2 concerts and feed her everyday and it just dont wan 2 be happy!!!!!

2:27 PM

Well, did you play with it a lot? Or just once? You need to play with it A LOT especially if it's very sad or depressed and stuff...

4:46 PM

i played with it more than 10times a day with different toys!!!!! it started feeling miserable after i painted my pet does it hv somethin 2 do with it??

10:53 PM

Find a blue evil fuzzle and play whit your pet.

What color did you paint it?

6:18 AM

Boludototal, thanks for answering pinky's question.
I was busy this weekend.

8:27 AM

pinky, to make your pet happy, get a toy and play with it.
When you got the pop-up window to play with your pet, hit F5 several time until it reached delighted.

Try not to let your pet get unhappy because 1 Something Has Happened which will turn your pet blue.

8:44 AM

Pinky, ifyour pet its painted grey, it will allways be sad

11:12 PM

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5:08 PM

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