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This is for my new neofriend - edwardgardiner

What is the lab ray?
The Secret Laboratory, has a magical, "prototype" ray gun aparatus, and when it is shot, it can change your pets species, color, stats, and gender.

There are 9 map pieces.
Check the Wizard for the lastest price.
If you use the Shop Wizard for individual pieces, you're more likely to find a cheaper priced piece and get a good deal.

When using the Shop Wizard, search for Secret Laboratory Map.
If you are using this buying method, when you made the purchase, throw it in your Safety Deposit Box. You never know if any thief will comes visiting.

What does the lab map do?
It can decrease stats, increase stats, change your pet's species, or do nothing at all! You cannot choose what it does, as it is all random.

What color can the lab do?
The Lab Ray cannot turn your pet the following colors:
Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki, Quiguki, and Royal.

Other than this, you should be able to get most of the color.
I have gotten fire, snow, spotted, desert, coconut ...

Some colors can only come from the Lab Ray!
The Lab Ray exclusive colors are:
Alien, Chocolate, Clay, Coconut, Custard, Garlic, Ice*, Jelly, Mallow, MSP, Robot, Snot, Sponge.

What does the map looks like?

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An avatar
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The avatar is awarded when the Lab Ray changes your pet into a new species..

How to get to the Laboratory?
Once you got all your map, go here.

When you get there, you will see this:

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Then choose a pet you want to zap.

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I have never tried for the secret lab ray, is it worth it to try and get it.

1:35 PM

i thought petpet lab ray is 2 change ur petpet and not ur pet?

1:44 PM

bigdog, because the pound is not working, the lab map is the only way to change your pet, beside using the paintbrush or potion.

So its worth it to most members.

5:38 PM

pinky, the lab map is for pet and the petpet lab is for petpet.
I just notice I have petpet lab in the title and I didn't write anything on petpet. LOL.

Will do that another day.

5:38 PM

Hi Kreai, I love your blog! Thanks for all the great tips and updates. What is your neopets account? I would love to add you as my neofriend.

1:25 AM

huh?? is there a lab map & a petpet lab map?? do the 2 maps need the scret lab map 2 enter??

5:53 PM

pinky: you do need the secret lab map to use the petpet lab map.

6:12 AM

I have 3 pices to the LAB RAY MAP and yeah, I USED to have alll the petpet lab ray map pices, but I sold them and now I stilll Dont have enough for a lab map

12:03 AM

Yeah, you need the Lab Map To use the petpet one

12:04 AM

I just get the lab map 3 weeks ago, and the only thing that has happend until now is... (my neopets name) has gained 2 movement points, has gained 4 maximum healthpoints, has gained 3 defence points..... and with the petpet lab... larush has reach level 2 , has gained 1 movement point, nothing has happend, larush is now named Oopsy,...... thats boring.... i thought the map was going to be better, more exciting and that... and the petpet lab too..... so, now i just can wish to be lucky tomorrow..... so bye.

6:40 AM

I have had boring changes, too. But I have also had specie changes, and colored mine with a maraquan PB!! To buy one would be millions of NP. I think it's worth it.

4:40 AM

i only need 1 more piece and then im done and i have the map. Its the one in the middle farthest to the left. and that one is worth like 200 k!

9:28 PM

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