Merry Christmas  

Posted by kreai

Merry Christmas

Away on Holiday.

Be back after Christmas.

So here's wishing everyone Merry Christmas in Advance.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

11:00 PM

Merry Christmas to everbody. ;)

8:50 PM

Your bandwidth exceeded. o_O

5:31 AM

Happy holidays to you also ... I've missed you these past few days. Neohugs!

3:24 PM

Judy, when you will be back? Or you are back? I want to suggest you something. ;)

8:40 PM

I never left, rihards. :) I'm in Neopia every day.

2:49 AM

Then get on ym it cind of private.

7:24 PM


2:30 AM

Merry x'mas & happy new year!!

5:36 PM

Judy, can you get in yahoo messinger?

6:52 PM

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