Fruit Machine  

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I have not gotten anything good at the Fruit Machine in ages.

Look what I got today:

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12:36 PM

that reminds me of the time when i got a paintbrush from them :3 <333
unfortunately, it wasn't the one i wanted >A<;; grats btw~

1:27 PM

i painted my pet royal but can i repaint my pet with another colour and put on the accesories of the royal paintbrush?

3:21 PM

the only thing big I have gotten there is a Cobrall

10:08 PM

i ve got a glowing pb and a desert pb.

Does anyone knows whaats the price for the orange fruit?

Boludototal =)

7:07 AM

this morning on the fruit machine i got "You have won 2500 Neopoints!
You also win the Petpet Puppyblew!"

9:29 PM

kimmi - that's really cool. I haven't got a paintbrush from Fruit Machine. But got a stone paintbrush from the wheel of monotony before.

8:29 AM

pinky, I am not sure about that.
Maybe you can ask at the board.

8:30 AM

bigdog, that's still pretty good.
So how's your altador plot going?

8:30 AM

Boludototal, what orange are you looking for? orange is pretty cheap like 200np

8:32 AM

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