Dec 1, 2007 Advent Calendar  

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Yap. You get the avatar today too.

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forgot about it yesterday :/

11:31 PM

i didnt get the avatar!
wtf is up with that?

11:49 AM

anarchid, you can only get the avatar if you collect your present on the 1st day or else you have to wait till next year.

But if you don't get it and you have been on neopet for ages, maybe you have gotten them already. This is not a new avatar. It's an annual avatar release on Dec 1.

5:41 PM

hmmmmmmm... i have been playing for six years, and i never miss a day on the advent calendar, but i still dont think i have it... ill check again.

4:51 AM

i already got it last year.
my mistake.

4:53 AM

can i feed my pet the same type of gourmet food 2 score gourmet points??

2:45 PM

Just to let you know the Altador Cup board is gone. New plot board coming up? Maybe tomorrow :) Fingers crossed :)

9:45 PM

pinky201100, you feed it the same thing, but it only qualify as 1.

8:30 AM

I hope the plot will be easy as far as battledome goes because I am not that good at it.

1:41 AM

is there a new plot yet??

12:34 PM

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