Game: Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway  

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This is for Garette.

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

Level 1 - 5 items - 190 pts
Level 2 - 5 items - 380pts

Get those potions on the floor.

Once you got all the items, go find a cave. Stand in front of the cave and press the SPACEBAR and you will see the points appear. You are through to the next level.

If you see the enemy, use the SPACEBAR to jump. Use the right and left arrow to move.

I hope this help.

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yay! thank you so much!

6:39 PM

24th Novembre
Theme Challenge
Don't Get Cold Feet!

* Score 700 in Snowmuncher
* Score 1200 in Ice Cream Machine
* Score 125 in Snow Wars II
* Score 175 in Snowball Fight

7:28 PM

Garette, did you complete the challenge?

7:38 PM

Thanks frawe84

7:38 PM

i got the themed one as well :D anyone knows the secret?

Kreai, I've written two guidees about Hannah and the Pirate/Ice caves. they are about how to get the maximum points in each; but they are LOOONG and have no pictures. are you interested? they are too in depth XD

7:54 PM

wow.. shoval, thanks. that would be great help.

10:21 PM

yes I did get my price :)

thank you so much!

7:53 AM

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