Game Master Challenge # 4 - Nov 23  

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1. Send Scores Challenge
Tube-Racing on Kiko Lake

What to do?
Send a score in thirty different qualifying Flash games.
This means we have to play 15 games today.


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2. Game Challenge

It's a Witch('s Brother) Hunt!

What to do?
Search deep in the woods for a score of 350 on Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway.


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3. Random Challenge - A Fistful of Flash Challenges

Test the gaming skills of five more of your friends by sending them Flash Challenges.

What to do?
Send 5 challenges to your friend.

Note: You do not have to accept nor play any of this challenges. Just send the challenges. That's all. And you will complete this challenge.


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4. Secret Game Challenge

Send a score of UNKNOWN in game IT'S A SECRET!

What to do?
Send a score of 800 in the game Goparokko


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5. Theme Challenge

Please Don't Cuddle This Challenge

Aaa says, "They say a Petpet is a Neopet's best friend. What do you mean, 'Who's "they"?' Scientists, of course! Anyway, you'll never figure out the four games for this challenge!"

What to do?

- Score 300 in Petpetsitter

- Score 50 in Snowbeast Snackrifice

- Score 80 in Feed Florg

- Score 50 in Petpet Cannonball


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Nice blog, thx for the helping with the Game Master's Challenge =D

6:55 PM

drkfox, you are welcome.

9:16 PM

thanks :D i couldn't find the secret game for this one - you've helped me alot; i'll vidit tomorrow too :D

10:42 PM

shoval, you are welcome.
Tomorrow, I will be late with update. Weekend here.

11:11 PM

thank you thank you. i've been getting gmc info from this site for a few days - really helps people out. =)

11:22 PM

wow astrid.. you are welcome. What's gmc?

11:41 PM

bah!! i cant even reach 50pts for that snowbeast game! >:(

12:16 AM

yea, i had some trouble with that game too. practice alittle.

Kreai, say, WHERE do you get those secret challanges? i mean, the ones that say 'submit score in all 62 games' or the 'complete all challenges'..?
i wanna beat them, but i can't find it anywhere..

12:29 AM

I've had a hard time playing bruno's backwoods break-away, do you have any tips for that game? it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for the everyday tips :)

9:32 AM

thanks for the help =]
but i really need help with the snowbeast snackrifice =/ i cant even make it through the second level! =[

6:21 AM

im willing to pay someone 5000nps if they can help me beat that snowbeast game but i dont know who i can trust here -.-

4:16 PM

never mind i got you said it takes practice [[for me two constant days of practice]] and i finally got a 58 XD XD

10:51 AM

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