Game Master Challenge #2 - Nov 21  

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1. Picking Your Own in Meridell
Send a score in five different qualifying Flash games.

Play any 5 of the games on the list.


2. Round Up the Usul Suspects!

Send in a score of 100 in The Usul Suspects.


3. These Are a Few of my Favourite Games
Add three qualifying Flash games to your list of Favourites.
Be sure to check the list of qualifying games to make sure your's are there!


4. Send a score of UNKNOWN in game IT'S A SECRET!

The secret game is Edna's Shadow.

Send a score of 200.


5. The Sporting Life Aaa says, "So, you fancy yourself an athlete, eh?
Then let's see if you can figure out which three games to play for this challenge!"

The 3 games are:

- Score 300 in Tyrannian Mini Golf

You have problem getting 300 pts, here's a tip for you that I got from the board. (sorry, forgot which member gave this tip.) This tip really help. I could only get like 200+ points. Then I used this tip and immediately I scored a 389pts.

The tip is:
1. Choose the perfect putter.
2. Select the dung ball.
3. And play all 18 holes.

- Score 200 in Wingoball

If you need to know how to play this game, I have a guide down before.

- Score 50 in Tug 'O' War

This version of Tug-O-War is so much simplier than the previous version.

1. What you need to do is keep pressing "A".
2. When the character appear, just type those character required.
3. Then continue to press "A" till your opponent drop into the water.


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