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In a world where everything is made out of
jelly, it's eat or be eaten.
It was a time of war, a
time of heroes.
He was a Chomby. A very hungry Chomby. There was only one who could help him
fulfill his destiny.

crazywoman, Thank you for your tip.

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Because of your tip, I made it. Yes!!! I got 430pts.

Like what Crazywoman said, be patient.
Stay in the middle and stay there and wait for the little jelly to come to you.
Don't try to rush to get to those small jelly. There are plenty that will come. Just stay where you are and try to avoid the bigger jelly.
Soon you will be pretty big and you can get the bigger jelly.
Don't give up.
It took me an hour and a cold shower to refresh myself to get this.
If I can do it, anyone can.
Trust me. I am terrible with games that has to use the keyboard.

Add on:

You can be on 2 view.

horizontal (wider)

vertical (thinner)

Other Tips:
1. Move slowly.
To stop the chomby from moving too slowly, you the <-- and --> arrow to control.

2. Too big?
If you wonder if that jelly is small enough to eat, don't do it. Wait for the next one.

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I tried and gave up, but Jason took over and easy easy can get more than 1600 score in just one game....

9:44 PM

You are lucky you got a son to play for you. LOL.

10:04 PM

LOL! You're welcome! Glad it was of use to you! I'm the 'crazywoman' by the way.

* I just realsied that there was this comment thing. I've been so blind

1:50 AM

Lol. :D

This game was very easy I have never played it before, but my score was 694. Good, eh? ^_^

2:15 AM

thanks for the tip as well~ <3
i started off just frolicing around,
thus resulting in getting eaten by the bigger jellies~
i died (finally) after mistaking a slightly bigger jelly for a smaller one.

2:08 PM

you can type rainbownegg and fishnegg for extra points :)

4:33 PM

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