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NC Shopping Spree

To start, choose to play as an Usul or Mynci. Guide your character through the maze and try to find the Neocash Card. After you've found the card, it's time to go shopping!

You'll be presented with a shopping list. Use the arrow keys to move your character through the mall collecting items on the list. When you find an item, walk over it to pick it up. If you accidentally grab an item that's not on the list, return it to the nearest shopkeeper. You won't be able to pick up any more items if you have an incorrect item. Gather all of the items on your list before the mall closes!

Game does not award actual Neocash or Neocash items.

1. First choose which character you want to be.

2. Then find the Neocash Card.

3. Then you go to buy the items listed.

The faster you find all the items, the more Np you will get.

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