500,000np - Bye Bye!!!  

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Yap, that's how much I wasted on this:

Neopet is so not happening right now.

So my itchy hand decided to play the
Pawkett and the Brucey B Slot.

And yes, once I start, there is no stopping me.

I have withdraw my limit for today.
(You are only allowed to make 10 withdraw a day).


They should release a plot soon.

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WOW! That's a hunk of change! I lost about 40,000 today. I agree Neopets is not happening for me me either. I was also thinking they should be having a plot about now. But there's not even anyone talking about possible plots.
:( It's not very encouraging.

1:28 PM

Hopefully after the Halloween there will be a plot.

2:21 PM

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