Wearable Clothing and Zapping Your Pet  

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From Editorial Issue #309:

Q: Okies, quick question. I have a Neopet that I zap regularly with the Lab Ray. I have wearable clothing on this Neopet. If I was to have an article of clothing on a Neopet that could not be worn on another Neopet, would it then be unable to be zapped into a Neopet that can't wear that item? Please, I need to know before I spontaneously combust.... ~psychopoet_srt

TNT A: The Neopet would be zapped and would indeed change, but the item would not show up on the new Neopet. Rather, in would end up in your closet with all the other wearable items.

This is what I know.

This is my friend's pet. You can't get this anywhere except by the way she did it. What she did was first painting her Draik with a Christmas Paintbrush. Then she paints it again with a Starry Paintbrush. And viola, you get a mixture of clothing on the pet. Cool isnt' it?

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oh my gosh that's so starry-christmasy xD niceee

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