Could this be the Altadtor Cup 2007 Prize?  

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boludototal found this on someone's userlookup:

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I checked the Board and the Altador Cup 2007 site and there is no sign of the prizes being given out. But how did this person has the participant's trophy

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Come to think of it, it could be last year altador cup trophy. Anyone has any idea?

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the medal is from last year.

:[ still waiting for this year's prizes.

12:52 PM

Thanks for clearing that. Yap, we are all anxiously waiting for the prize. TNT said it should be soon. Well, their soon sure takes a long, long time.

2:10 PM

That medal isnt from the last year, if you look you ll see its similar to the shields or badges of players and its the only one person i saw whit it.

11:45 PM

It's from last year, or the participant badge is. I've got both, one from last years Cup, and the other from the Altador plot

3:23 AM

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