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Petpets keep wandering into the Hall of Heroes, leaving trails of mud from their dirty feet behind them. This angers the Yurble janitor, who uses his mop to whack the offenders, sending the dirt and mud flying off of them. The harder he smacks the Petpets, the cleaner they become. When the janitor walks over the dirty spots, he cleans them up. On his circuit around the Hall, the Yurble will pick up water droplets, which add to a pail that the janitor can use to clean multiple Petpets from a distance. He can also upgrade mop heads, for more efficient Petpet scrubbing!

The game:

Just walk and walk and clean. I don't know how that top scorer got 19k. My first game was 995pts which give me 995np.

When your dirt is full, game over for you.

Now go and play... lol.

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The first time I was playing I did get 2818points and I made 1000 NP :)

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