Coconut JubJub  

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The lab finally zapped my spotted jubjub to a coconut jubjub.

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Isn't she just adorable?
How can I bear to zap her again tomorrow?
Maybe I will keep her for a few days before I send her to the lab again.

Suddenly, I remembered there is an avatar to collect with this pet. I quickly dashed to the wizard and bought the cheapest tropical fruit for it.

Crunchy Skullberyy --- 10np ...

But... But... But...

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Went and bought a Famous Crab Burger --200np

but... but...but...

Same thing happened. It won't eat it... arrgghhh!!!

Finally decided to try my luck with Shrimptail with Kelp Sauce....


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How to get this Avatar?
Feed your Coconut Jubjub any tropical fruit.

Well, it won't eat Crunchy Skullberry and Famous Crab Burger.

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Congrats on your new AV!!!!!

I also want!

3:45 PM

Lucky zap, I got my coco with a FFQ, he ate my crunchy skullberry though.

9:05 AM

Hey, a neat trick to get around when your pet won't eat something or read a certain book, change the language of the site. When they won't eat or read something, it has to do with the number of letters in your pet's name versus the letters in the item's name... or something like that. ANYWAY, changing the language works every time.

11:28 AM

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